The Sailing Whales

First Night Notes

Captain Margaurite Murray of house Lyander summoned Enebish, handed me a package with “open if I die” on the front before we dipped for Stormhome.

Stormhome is a resort town founded by Lyander and run by Ghallanda, heavily reliant on outside sources for food, has a banging anti-human establishment nightclub, and roving floating shanty towns where tax avoiders live

The Skywhales were summoned to the inner sanctum of Stormhome by high council of Guild Lyander has called in Captain Murray before the High Council for questioning, we escort her to the guild hall. Lyander says that Murray will confess something in order to save her crew, but her other crimes are unforgivable (had sex with someone she shouldn’t, had a baby), they instruct all Lyanders in the room (X included) to cast gust and throw her through their Moon Door. X hobnobs with some nobles, while Flotsam and Enebish go to find her body, we only find her cutlass, Flotsam and Enebish go back to the inn (Gilded Barnacle), and Enebish take a nap while Flotsam tries on clothes and stuff.
Enebish opens the packet, finds some legal packet, a yogurt loyalty card with 2/5 stamps in Findberg, a single key (colourful purple tassel and a weird spiky ring as the handle with the number 12 engraved on it) on a decorative key ring, clamshell passport case with a picture inside that looks just like me but is labeled Maureen Maxy, a Karnathi noble from Madstone, the silent partner that fake owns the ship, as well as a title deed for all her treasure to X, and a bounty hunter liscence for Flotsam, the Warforged Wardog, and a notarized document that ensures Enebish is the guardian of any babies that she may have till she comes of age.

Murray stole the identity of an actual Karnathi noble, has been using it to form shell corps, and now that’s she’s dead ownership of her ship passes to this Karnathi noble.
Big Lady Lyander: youngest leader of a dragonmarked house, in her mid twenties,

Enebish: Murray hands Enebish a package. "IF they had gotten to Harry [ the dwarf of house Kondark] before me, this might be the last conversation we have alone… dont let the Kraken get it’s hands on my treasure
X: Murray talks to X on the deck, shows him a rope trick, talks about how she’s proud of him, gives him a good goodbye, X doesn’t notice
Flotsam: Murray and Flotsam on the shore. Murray talks to Flotsam about their developing interest in fashion, she gives Flotsam a good goobye


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